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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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x this is 9 news now. u.p.s. is suspending all shipments out of yemen after an apparent attempted terrorist attack against u.s. synagogues. here's how it unraveled.
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it began with the identification of two packages sent from yemen, addressed to jewish organizations in chicago. one intercepted in england, the other in dubai. both looked like printer toner cartridges but were found to have explosives. that led to searching on board two cargo planes in philly, one in newark, new jersey and then u.p.s. delivery trucks in queens, brooklyn all over the place. president obama said he was first notified of the threat last night around 10:30. >> terrorism professionals are taking the threat very serious aand are taking all necessary and prudent steps to ensure our security. the american people should be confident that we will not waiver in our resolve to defeat al-qaeda and its affiliates and to root out violent extremism in all of its forms. >> reporter: as you might expect, the cargo security threat is translating to added security for passenger flights. armando trull is live at reagan national with more on what to expect if you are traveling
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this weekend. >> reporter: homeland security says it has put in place an unpredictable mix of layers of security in order to this wart any terrorist attack. >> i'm afraid given the world we live in it is a necessary evil. i travel a lot and know the routines and now it is done. and it is something i teal with when i travel. >> reporter: the threat remains a orange but passengers can expect more security at airports from tightened baggage screening to pat downs. >> leaving from work i was patted down and everything. >> full hand. >> uh-huh. >> do you think it was intrusive or are you happy they are doing this or what are your thoughts? >> it is unexpected but if that is what it takes to be safe a, i'm all for being safe. >> reporter: tsa says some security measures will not be visible or apparent. >> i think it is excellent whatever pedestrians they need to take to make sure the public is safe. >> reporter: tsa says one thing
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the public can do to be safe is to report any suspicious activity they see at a u.s. airport. armando trull, back to you. >> thank you. a lot of viewers like you are reacting to today's threat on the wusa 9 facebook page. diane writes -- you can join the conversation at our wusa 9 facebook page. another suspicious package brought a busy metro station to a stand still this morning. the mcpherson station and surrounding streets had to be shut down for an hour.
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it's the second bomb scare on metro in the last two days. last night, a scare closed the federal center southwest station. those scares are days after an ashburn man was arrested accused of plotting to bomb the metro and farooque ahmed's latest appearance in court is one of the top stories we are following tonight. also, military targets. the fbi expands it investigation in to a series of shootings after the marine corps museum is shot up a second time. but first hot topic, the candidates face off with two debates in virginia's 11th congressional district race. i'm peggy fox. in the 11th district congressional race in virginia, candidates gerry connolly and keith fimian spar over everything from guns to stem cell research. >> i think ethically you can't be against it. my opponent say he is for stem cell research but the debate is about embryonic stem cell research. that's where the promise is. >> no. it is not. adult stem cell research shows
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enormous prompt. >> talk about ducking an issue. >> health reform. >> it doesn't add too the evidence and reduces the deficit by 1 point trillion dollars. >> which of your listeners believes this. >> it is not a matter of belief. >> when a woman is raped she should not be forced to carry the baby to term against her will. >> mark, if this is the issue most voters are concerned about then vote for mr. connelly. but the fact is most voters are most concerned about the economy. in ashburn, a man is accused of wanting to bomb metro and he appeared before a judge for a bond hearing today. farooque ahmed said nothing in court. his attorney told the judge they would not contest the pretrial doe tension and will remain behind bars until the pending trial. as he was escorted out he turned to the back of the courtroom and looked at his family, the woman, believed to be his wife, waived to him. his family rushed out of the
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courthouse, not wanting to talk on camera. the 34-year-old man is suspected of trying to bomb the metro system. he met with men who he thought were al-qaeda operatives but instead were working for and with fbi agents allegedly. someone inside the muslim community tipped off the government in january and they have watching him ever since. i'm bruce leshan at the national museum at the marine corps near quantico, virginia. another attack. more gunshots overnight. authorities suspect this may be the work of an exmarine with a grievance, the same man who attacked this museum about two weeks ago and has attacked over marine-related facilities. the stunning national museum of the national marine corps, high on a hill overlooking i-95 for the second time pierced with bullet holes. in the last two weeks, authorities suspect the gunman
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has struck at least four times at the museum, the pentagon, a vacant marine corps recruiting office in chantilly and now overnight back at the museum. >> we obviously welcome contact from the individual responsible for these incidents. so that we can better understand his grievance and work toward its resolution. >> organizers of this weekend's marine corps marathon say the event will be safe, despite the recent shootings. right now there are no plans to change the course, which winds through arlington and dc but all the participants will have to go through security check points. >> we are looking at, you know, the shooting incidents, the threat that it poses, and where additional measures need to be put in place they, in fact, are. the actual footprint in terms of where we are at, what we are doing, for obvious reasons, i can't comment on. >> safe races have been conducted. and this year is going to be no
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different. >> reporter: more than 40,000 people are expected to take part in this year's marathon. it will be the 35th anniversary of the race. the marathon is one in a list of events making it a busy weekend around here. tomorrow is howard's homecoming and also the government doesn't suck march, and the rally to restore sanity and/or fear, all down on the national mall. now, a spokesperson for comedy central refused to go on camera today to talk about the details of the rally to restore sanity and/or fear, but according to the facebook page more than 200,000 people may be there. today hundreds of visitors were gathering around the mall as crews were finishing up the last-minute prep and a lot of them say they are hoping for a mix of humor and politics. the event kicks off at 10:00 a.m. saturday morning. musical acts like cheryl row and the roots will be there, as
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well. you can keep up with everything happening this weekend by logging on to dc.metro as you might expect plenty of road closures to go with the big events. see them all at go to 9 news now extras. the dc department of transportation says even though several bridges will be closed for the different events it can't wait to do some structural work on the chain bridge also this weekend. so, that means the potomac crossing will close atle 00. right now the bridge is scheduled to stay closed until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. but d dot says it will work with the contractors to try to get the work done early so it can reopen on sunday morning instead. topper shutt, almost 80 yesterday. not even 60 today. we'll show you the current temperatures. 52 downtown. in the 80s already in the suburbs. we will talk about the frost advisories and freeze warnings.
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this just in to 9 news now. a guilty verdict in the trial of 24-year-old jamal alexis of landover maryland. he is guilty of second-degree murder in the death of raymond brown, also known as music producer scotty beat. he lived in mitchellville. back in 2006, the successful producer was killed near his home, fatally shot when someone tried to steal his chrysler suv. alexis faces 155 years in jail when sentenced in december. an update on breaking news from 5:00 p.m. police have a suspect in custody in the triple shooting on madison street northwest. detectives say the suspect stole a metro access car after the shooting, car jacked it in fact and fled. the car was spotted by an off- duty park police officer near the prince georges county line. police caught up with that person after a short chase and he wrecked the car. one of those victims died in
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the shooting. education and advantagelyization was the message that soon to be cardinal donald worrell delivered today. in a conversation with andrea roane, washington's archbishop shared what he hopes getting the red hat will mean to his flock here in the nation's capital ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: some 600 local catholic high school teachers and principals gathered if they are meeting of their association. in his homily, cardinal designate donald barrel reminded them to be sue stewards of the seeds of faith. >> day in and day out. >> reporter: he told me as an education champion he hopes having the red hat will provide him with a larger platform to advocate for funding total spectrum of learning options including catholic education. >> public schools, improving them.
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seeing they are the best they can be. that's a wonderful goal. but private schools, charter schools, our parochial schools, all of these schools should be the beneficiary of what we all contribute as part of the common good. >> however, he sees as his wider mission the new urgency of advantagelyization. turning back what he calls the tsunami of secularism. >> we have to get this busy world to stop long enough simply to think, to think about god's love, god's voice, god's place in their lives. >> reporter: on a personal vote note, the cardinal designate has been measured for his new hat and new rank. no butterflies yet but he is ready for the installation one week after his 70th birthday. >> it reminds me that i'm not quite as young as i was when i was ordained, but it is a
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wonderful, wonderful way to say there's still a lot of work ahead of you. >> because we pray, in the name of jesus. >> reporter: yen andrea roane, 9 news now. >> archbishop worrell is one of 24 new cardinals who will be elevated next month. these he's the fifth archbishop to become a cardinal. topper is back with the chilly weekend forecast. first a new tool to help you cheer on your friends and family at the marine corps marathon. stay with us.
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checking news where you live tonight. parents will have an opportunity to get free flu vaccinations for their kids next week in montgomery county. health officials will hold two free lynn clinics. you can learn about them at just choose gaithersburg in the news where you live section on the home page. this weekend, thousands of runners will hit the streets of virginia and dc to participate in the marine corps marathon. one of them will be our own anita brickman, who's raring to go. >> little scared but rarin' to go. little scared. sunday will be the 35th year of the marathon and of the 30,000 signed up 11,000 are first timers, including me. tonight a new app that can keep you connected to those cheering you along the way. >> runners running the first marathon, the enormity and scope of the event is
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overwhelming. >> reporter: race marketing manager mark goldman says as the course weaves past washington monuments and scenic attractions, thousands of marines and civilian volunteers are all along the way. offering water, sports drinks and moral support but for a runner struggling at say mile 22 nothing can be more inspiring than a familiar face in the crowd. >> we have developed an application this year, great use of technology to be able to locate exactly where a runner is at any given time and exactly where the spectator is so they can create these guaranteed locations on the course where they can see each other and provide that encouragement and keep moving on. >> reporter: the 1.99 app was created by a dc-based company and can be down loaded to iphones, ipad and android smart phones. >> right now it is working on a chip inside the mobile phone. there is a gps in there. it reports where you are on the race course. it is always special when you
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see a loved one out there, even if it is a brief second, a high five or a hand off of a bottle of water. makes a big difference for them. >> there's an upgrade that lets you track multiple runners in case they are friends of yours and a pace calculator that shows how fast you are going and how long it will take to get to the finish. given my pace, i'm not sure i want to know about this. >> keep your fingers crossed for me. good karma coming my way. >> thank you so much about that. look forward to hearing about it on monday. let's see what the weather will be like for the runners that are showing up as we speak. >> here's how i would run a marathon, taxi! >> good luck. temperatures upper 40s to mid 50 went you run. the next three days this will be the fourth nice weekend in a row. 60 tomorrow. a little chilly but pretty close to average. nice for maryland's homecoming, howard's homecoming. the rally. it will be breezy. bring a jacket if you go to the mall. 64 on halloween. milder and upper 50s on monday.
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a little bit cooler on monday. all right. let's talk about the day planner for saturday. well, certainly you will need sun glasses all weekend. light jacket a good idea. 40 to start and that's downtown. low 30s in the suburbs to start. mid-50s rally time and then 60 by evening. kind of cool but really a bright day. all right. freeze warnings to the west. frederick county and loudoun county west. frost advisories especially west of 95 including fairfax and montgomery county. here's what you can do. we are not talking about mums or pansies because they are tough. all right. bring plants indoors, cover your plants and remember to uncover them. if you leave them covered with the sunshine you will do just as much damage as if you hasn't covered them in the first place. or soak them with water. that's a good way to protect them. 50 arlington, 49 bethesda. 49 rockville. 49 sterling and 48 already in leesburg. very dry air mass.
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the winds are dying down. temperatures will fall quickly. lows tonight 33 in gaithersburg. downtown 42. inside the beltway, no problems with plants. upper 30s college park. 35 in fairfax and you can have frost with a temperature of 35. 34 sterling and 32 leesburg. tonight, winds die down. clear skies, cold. 32 to 42. winds northwest at five to ten. tomorrow morning, a cold start. you might expect 30s and 40s but a nice day. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and cool but nice. highs around 60. winds will pick up a little bit. the southwest winds 10 to 20 a little warmer. trick or treat forecast. sun goes out at 6:09. mid-50s by 8:00 and if you are out late it will be chilly. down to 50 by 10:00 on sunday night. next seven days, 60 on saturday. 54 on sunday. cooler next week. upper 50s on monday. maybe a shower on monday night. i wouldn't bank on that. either way, election day is dry
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but cool. mid to upper 50s. cool next week and maybe a cold november rain on thursday in to friday. first time i have done it. high of 49. get to the weird news tonight. it is not weird but interesting. you have seen the classified ads from folks feeling like they missed out on a chance of love. theynow craigslist is taking the postings it has gotn in a seven week span to create a list of the most romantic metro stations. at the top hoff the list, the vienna fairfax orange line. six of the top ten are in virginia given credence to the old slogan, virginia is for lovers. you can see the list at so what would you think is the most romantic metro station or do you find the idea of those missed connection postings creepy or the fact that metro stations can be
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romantic, just plain weird any way. share your thoughts with mcginty's mail bag. or join the conversation on our wusa 9 facebook page
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on biocentury this week, governor dean and science advocates talk about what is at take for science. in the mail bag tonight, terror and not the halloween kind either. frank from woodbridge, virginia says metro is vulnerable but there are thing we can and should do. number one, install bulletproof plexiglass between the seats in each subway car to reduce blast force and shrapnel
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those ideas sound great but pricy too. i wonder if anyone would be breasting in paying a terrorism surcharge to help foot the bill for that. let us know with an e-mail. the address is mail or join the conversation on our wusa 9 facebook page. that's our report. i will be back here tonight at 11:00. tonight, we are working on the toyota report. see the highlights from several local games including the 1,000 of you who voted to make our game of the week. lake braddock and west potomac. that is tonight at 11:00. wusa is always son on. see you later.
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>> where is the watch? >> if i knew, i would be wearing it. >> is the adult film star steal his expensive watch? >> my name is capri anderson. >> the just uncovered interview. portia de rossi's oprah interview, purging, starving. getting down to just 82 pounds. >> i would prefer to die. the anna nicole sentencing. will howard go to jail? >> we still consider this a victory. sarah palin's darkest days with her husband todd. >> is this the way it's going to be the rest of our lives. her most candid comments yet about her marriage and her baby with down's


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